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Robbins Eye – Lead Generation, Web Design, SEO, Pay Per Click Ads, Social Media

THE PROBLEM: LASIK business was not generating any leads from its website

Robbins Eye is a  35 yr old eye practice in Rochester NY that is regarded as one of the leading eye care centers in the United States.  They specialize in providing Lasik, Cataract, Dry Eye and Other Services.

Their prior web design firm was a large business that specialized in LASIK Doctor websites.  At the time their SEO was nothing special.  The large LASIK specialty firm had used the same content on who knows how many other LASIK websites and Google penalized all of them including this one.   They generated near zero leads.  

THE SOLUTION:Redesign website to convert traffic to new clients. 

Redesign Website 

Mobile Responsive – 76% of the traffic is on a mobile browser! 

Calls to Action – Get people taking action, 

Improve SEO

Pay Per Click Google Campaign – It is often worth paying for top Google search results depending on your business model.   If you can spend $1000 on Goole ad placements and it returns $10,000 in gross revenue.  That should be a clue. 

FaceBook Ad Campaign – These can be super effective if done right. 

Upgrade Hosting 

Speed Up Website – This is a no brainer these days ever since Google announced that site speed is being used in determining it search results. Slow is a kiss of death as far as SEO goes, 

Schedule an Appointment Call To Action.  

LASIK Self Test Call To Action.  – This tool has been very effective. 


THE RESULTS: It is all about the money. 

 The site generates 3 – 7 leads per day.  

The clients business is up substantially.